Mistress Khaterina

Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy

Khatriya Schade

Matriarch of The Blood Rose Mafia/The Moonlight Trading Company

Personal Life

Khat will be the first to admit she did not have the best childhood but she did do all she could to make the best of a rather nasty situation. She doesn't like talking about her past but will as it does help remind her where she came from and how much she cherishes being alive today.

She is sweet, loving and kind but is one to speak her mind regardless of how it sounds which can sometimes lead to her offending someone. In professional situations she tends to be more aware of this and will bite her tongue to avoid unnecessary conflict.

She is loyal and demands the same in return, which is crucial in her professional life. Underneath her sweetheart exterior is a darkness more dangerous than that of a void, usually reserved for those who cross her or threaten her family and loved ones. Those that end up on the receiving end of this darkness are never heard from again.

Khatriya uses a special eye drop that has been developed and mastered within her family, that allows the user to gain a kind of Aetherical Sight. As a result of her own Achromatic Eyes, when using these eye drops her eyes tend to pick up the hues of her surroundings, most notably red or violet. This helps her when on particular missions where being stealthy is key.

Professional Life


Being a mother is a full time job! She has sixteen children, with two on the way. When she isn't working she is home with her children teaching them and playing with them. She loves being a mother most of all and is eventually going to give up her life as a Mafia Matriarch to be with her children full time.

Character Information


[ Name ] Khatriya Schade
[ Birth Name ] Khaterina
[ Nickname ] Khat
[ Age ] 26
[ Namesday ] 2nd Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
[ Gender ] Female
[ Relationship status ] Taken
[ Orientation ] Bisexual but a heavy lean towards men
[ Social status ] Upper Class
[ Current residence ] Multiple Residences, none of which she will list


[ Height ] 5'6"
[ Weight ] 110 pounds
[ Eye color ] Achromatic, taking on hues of objects around her. With the help of special eye drops, they are often a vibrant ruby red.
[ Hair color ] Deep Red with White Highlights
[ Complexion ] Soft and fair, damn near flawless with the exception of a few faded scars from childhood and recent scaring across her throat and back.
[ Body Modifications ] Nippels, navel, hood(genital) piercing
[ Markings ] Has tribal markings on her face but more often than naught she is seen without them thanks to makeup.
[ Body Type ] Thin but curvy
[ Typical clothing style ] Business formal, business casual, casual, sexy... whatever her mood or the event calls for.

[ Birth place ] Unknown
[ Childhood home ] Coerthas Central Highlands and Coerthas Western Highlands
[ Places of past residence ] Ishgard, Ul'dah, Gridania, Shirogane.

[ Alignment ] Mood dependent
[ Weapon of choice ] Daggers / Bladed Whip
[ Style of combat / Combatant roles ] Offensive
[ Occupation ] Mother, Syndicate Matriarch

[ History of family ]
Mother :: Deceased
Father :: Deceased
Brothers :: Dmitri(Blood; Deceased) Raziel(non-blood), Syn Vali(non-blood), Kaien Ishida(non-blood).
Sisters :: Mazikeen(non-blood), Kasadya(non-blood), Reika(non-blood; Deceased), Ena(non-blood; Deceased), Vignette(non-blood), Kana Ishida(non-blood).
Children ::
Adopted: Kota(m)
Twins: Nikola(m) and Nadia(f)
Triplets: Cosette(f), Damien(m) and Lucian(m)
Quads: Amalia(f), River(m), Azure(m) and Meena(f)
Twins: Lyric(f) and Kier(m)
Twins: Tais(m) and Kayi(f)
Uborn Twins

OOC and Contact Information

In Game: Malboro, Khatriya Schade

Discord: KhatriyaSchade#7798

RP and ERP

OOC: I am female and over the age of 21, all RP is of interest to me but I do prefer there to be a logical IC reason for these things to happen. I am a bit shy and don't often approach people but do respond if I am approached. Story-based RP is of more interest to me than one-shots. I don't mind adult themes but in those cases, I will NOT engage in RP with anyone under the age of 18. Otherwise, feel free to message me on discord if you want to do something.